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Section A - Selected Air Museums 
Section B - Research Resources
1.0 U.S. Research Resources
  2.0 Canadian Research Resources 
Section C - Key Photo sources
Section D - Sites of General interest 
 A. Selected Air Museums 
Aerospace Museum, Sacramento (formerly McClellan AFB)
Castle Air Museum, Atwater ( formerly Castle AFB, Merced AAF)
March ARB, Riverside (formerly March AFB)
Minter Field, Shafter 
San Diego Air and Space Museum, San Diego
Travis AFB, Fairfield (formerly Fairfield-Suisun AAF)
Wings Over Rockies, Aurora (formerly Lowry AFB) 
Eglin AFB, Valpariso 
Robins AFB, Warner Robins
NMUSAF, Lakewood
MAPS, Akron 
New Jersey:
Millville AAF Museum, Millville 
Hill AFB, Roy
McChord AFB, Lakewood 


B.  Research Resources                 

1.0 U.S.  Research Resources

American Helicopter Museum & Education Center: Library and Archives -  18,000 items
Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum: 1,000 books; 220 Videos
EAA Aviation Museum: Library 11,000 books; 100,000 images
Empire State Aerosciences Museum: 2,100 photographs
Frontiers of Flight Museum: Research Library - 35,000 records
Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum: Archival Collection - 200,000 photographs 
Hill Aerospace Museum: Research Library and Archives - Unknown resources
Historic Aviation Memorial Museum: Library - Unknown resources
MAPS Air Museum: 7,900 items
March Field Air Museum: 7,000 volumes
Mlitary Aviation Museum: Library - 3,000 books
Millville Army Air Field Museum: Library and Research Center - Unknown resources
Museum of Flight: Library- 36,000 books; 60,000 journal issues; 8,000 manuals; 6,850 Technical reports
National Air and Space Museum: Library 40,000 
Planes of Fame Air Museum: Library - 10,000 volumes 
San Diego Air and Space Museum: Library and Archives -38,000 items
Travis AFB Aviation Museum: Research Library Archives; 3,000 books 
U.S. Army Aviation Museum: Research Library- 3,000 books 
Wings over Rockies Air Museum Air and Space Museum: Research Library -  15,000 books; 800 periodicals; 1,000 digitized images

 2.0  Canadian  Research Resources
Alberta Aviation Museum: Archives and Research Library - 5,000 volumes; 200,000 digital images
British Columbia Aviation Museum: Library - 7,700 books; 670 videos; 30,000 digital images
Canada Aviation and Space Museum: Library and Archives - Unknown resources 
Greenwood Military Aviation Museum: Library - 1,700 books 
Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada:  Unknown resources
Shearwater Aviation Museum: Library and Archives - 13,000 items
  ( Note:The above "Resource" information was obtained from a WIX entry on 06/06/2022 by member "Noha307")
 C. Key Photo Sources

  •  https://www.flickr.com
D.   Sites of General Interest


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